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new works
Is it too early for new Christmas pieces? We offer a SSAA and a SATB version with oboe of Beverly Lewis’ Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day. Beverly is fond of using the oboe as you might know if you are familiar with another of her Christmas pieces Coventry Carol, SSA with oboe and her Remembrance/Veterans’ Day A Soldier’s Prayer, SATB, piano and oboe. A separate copy of the oboe part is available with each order. We have a new Stephanie Martin piece - In Mortal Key, SATB with violin, commissioned and first performed by the Halifax Camerata Singers, Nova Scotia. The text is by an 11th century Andalusian, Jewish poet Solomon ibn Gabirol. The violin part is extensive and is available separately with each order. The recording has a very slight difference from the revised score.
now available!
Stephanie Martin's A Frost Sequence is now available to order. Visit the catalogue page for previews and a fabulous recording by the Elora Singers. The three pieces make up the whole Sequence but they are also available separately. See Works link for catalogue information and pricing.

In addition we have a new version of Open Arms by Gail Poulsen and Harris Loewen. The original version is for SATB with violin and piano. The new version is for SSAA with violin and piano. The interesting thing is that these two different voicings can be performed at the same time or, of course, separately. Either way this is a beautiful and emotional piece with some Celtic overtones that describes the love of a parent or giver for their child- a love so strong ‘it transcends life, and flows beyond earthly grasp'.
coming soon!
We are delighted to announce that we will soon be publishing three Robert Frost poems with music by Stephanie Martin. Stephanie has been waiting for some time for these poems to be in the public domain and has accepted a commission from the Elora Singers, Ontario, to write these choral works. The titles are Nothing Gold Can Stay (SATB), The Road Not Taken (SATB) and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (SSATB). I have seen the scores and we are in for a delight. Renforth is hoping to have the scores available with a recording by the Elora Singers in late August.
latest collections by beverly lewis
Our latest choral offerings include two song collections by Beverly Lewis. Five Shakespeare Songs features text by William Shakespeare. Songs of Birds and Love features arrangements of three folk songs. All pieces from each collection are also available individually.

Five Shakespeare Songs (SSA a cappella)
I. Some Say That Ever 'Gainst That Season Comes
II. Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred?
III. Take, O Take Those Lips Away
IV. Farewell, Thou Art Too Dear for My Possessing
V. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind

Songs of Birds and Love (SSA, Piano)
I. She's Like the Swallow
II. The Turtle Dove
III. The Lark In the Clear Air
welcome 2021!
We finish this most unusual year as we began- by publishing choral music. Here are our latest publications.

From the melodious Carmine Lappano:
Irish Blessing (Solo/Unison, Piano)
Irish Blessing (SATB, Piano)
A Celtic Prayer (Solo/Unison, Piano)
A New Blessing (SATB, Piano)
Tantum Ergo (SATB a cappella)

And from the ever-interesting Beverly Lewis, two more song collections, also available as individual pieces:
Five Shakespeare Songs (SSA a cappella)
Songs of Birds and Love (SSA, Piano)

We thank all our choral friends for your interest in and business with Renforth Music and we wish you all a happy, singing New Year.
july update
We are still producing new pieces despite the Covid slow down. Have a look at the following:
Laudate Dominum (SATB a cappella)
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (SAATB a cappella)
Before the Paling of the Stars (SATB a cappella)
- all written by prize winning composer, Russell Wilkinson.

God Be With You Till We Meet Again (SATB, piano)
Like a Dove (SATB a cappella)
- both by Carmine Lappano, a new-to-us composer. Both pieces are tuneful and not difficult. The first could be a theme song for choirs unable to meet with the current restrictions! Have a listen - you'll like it.

Fire and Ice (SATB a cappella)
- a fun setting of Frost's short poem by Laura Sgroi. Described by one reviewer as 'very inventive'.

North Wind (TTBB, piano)
- a prize-winning fine challenge for a good male chorus by Nicholas Ryan Kelly.

The following peices are new voicings of previously published pieces:
Harris Loewen - Counting Waves (TB with solo) - also SATB, SAB, SSA, all with piano
Harris Loewen - Tears and Laurels (SATB, piano) - also SSAA, TTBB, both a cappella
Beverly Lewis - The Kennebecasis River (TTB, flute, piano) - also SSA with piano
divertissement 3: petit bouquet
Petit Bouquet is our third piano solo release. It's a charming piano piece by Janis Kalnins, that's not too difficult, and with an intriguing background. VIEW HERE.

Kalnins dedicated and gifted the original manuscript to Paul and Ann Horncastle in gratitute for their support and friendship after his wife Herminé died in early 1991. He was a frequent visitor to their house and often stayed for hours playing and improvising on their piano. On his visits he always brought a little bouquet of cut flowers. On this occasion the little bouquet was not flowers but music.

Paul gave me the original music. It had no title and was handwritten on crumpled paper. I finally deciphered it and had it printed out. The Horncastles supplied the title remembering the weekly cut flowers. I visited the Horncastles with their copies and was asked to play it on the same piano Kalnins had played so often. When I finished I turned towards them. They were holding hands, Paul gazing intently at the music on the piano and Ann with the hint of a tear in her eye, both no doubt remembering the many times they had heard Kalnins play on their piano. It was a magical moment made all the more poignant with Ann’s passing shortly after. - Gervais

Price is $10.00, print copy only. Order directly through

divertissement 2: villa largo rag
We offer another piano solo piece during this choral quiet time. LISTEN HERE, while reading what the composer, Flint Long, writes about the Villa Largo Rag:

One morning in the Springtime I went out for my usual early morning walk. It was a beautiful day in North Carolina, with a clear blue sky and white puffy clouds. As I walked along, enjoying nature and taking it all in, a melody came into my mind. It was a ragtime melody, and as I turned to return home the musical idea developed into a finished work in my mind. I could hear it clearly in its entirety. Just then, bathed in sunshine, my dream house came into view - my beautiful Villa Largo. I decided the piece should be called the Villa Largo Rag. - Flint

Price is $10.00, print copy only. Order directly through

divertissement 1: havin' fun - piano solo
With this gap in choral music production and selling we offer this little ragtime gem for sale. Havin' Fun was written by the late Mitch Wolanski, a giant of a man with huge hands, but who could play the most exquisite piano stylings of popular songs. Although Mitch couldn't read or write music and at first only played in G major, latterly expanded to include Eb and C, his playing was a joy to listen to.

I recorded Mitch playing this piece, then transcribed it into print. Alas he passed before he was able to see the written copy. Here’s to you, Mitch. I only hope I can locate the other piano pieces you composed.

Price is $10.00, print copy only. Order directly through

- Gervais
current events
Dear Friends,

These are difficult times for choirs, directors, and publishers alike, with rehearsals and performances cancelled indefinitely. The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing all of us to look ahead regarding future programming that will resume at some time in the future. To this end, Renforth Music is offering a 20% discount on all direct purchases until June 30, 2020. At that time we will review the situation. We encourage you to plan ahead more than usual. Have a good look at our catalogue and keep in mind our 20% offer. We have lots to offer and please contact us directly if you have any questions.

In the meantime have a listen to The Blue Bird, by Matthew Hazzard, a composition that won 2nd place at the 2011 Vancouver Chamber Choir Young Composers Choral Competition and 1st place in the 2012 North Carolina Master Chorale Composition Competition. Renforth Music publishes four other pieces by Matthew.

Best Regards,
year-end update
The following new pieces were added to the catalogue:

It’s Not the Wind that Bends the Branches SATB a cappella, a fairly straightforward and effective arrangement of a Russian folk song by Janis Kalnins.

O Were My Love Yon Lilac Tree, TTBB a cappella, a setting of the poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns by Russell Wilkinson. This piece could find a place in a program for Robert Burns’ Day, January 25, or St Andrew’s Day, (the patron saint of Scotland) November 30.

Counting Waves, words and original melody by Ed VandenDool, choral settings by Harris Loewen. The following voicings are available: SATB with piano, SAB with piano. Coming shortly SSA with piano and TB with solo with piano.

Please note that the Sacred and Reflective Catalogue has been recently updated. Thank you for your interest in and business with Renforth Music. We are looking forward to the new decade - hopefully another Roaring Twenties!
last minute choral christmas music ?
new music for remembrance day, november 11
sacred and reflective catalogue
Download the 2019 Sacred & Reflective catalogue. Reflective includes non-sacred pieces that might still be used for church or religious reasons. All voicings are represented. The listing is available as both hard copy or electronically. This should be a handy reference and will be updated when necessary.
midyear updates
Two new Christmas pieces, or is it three by the ever popular John Butler are On Christmas Day in the Morning for SATB a cappella and two versions of Gloria Deo Up in the Sky one for SA divisi, the other for SATB. Both have an exhilarating piano part. All three pieces would be suitable for a decent church or community choir.

Jesus Christ The Apple Tree by Stephen Gourley is a pleasant treble voice with piano piece that is not particularly difficult. Indeed, even though it goes into three parts it might be suitable for young voices.

Another new piece from Jared Tomlinson, They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships - SATB a cappella, is a fine piece in the Anglican tradition.

Finally, a new piece by Stephanie Martin, There Be None of Beauty’s Daughters - words by Lord Byron, is for SATB with tenor soloist and a simple piano accompaniment. Not difficult and suitable for a choir with a good tenor soloist.
our first sab!
We recently published Sea Dream by Olivia Werden and Harris Loewen for SAB, violin and piano. This is our first SAB piece, although I think there may be a demand for more. There is also a newly published SATB version also with violin and piano, although the SAB came first! The solo violin part is published separately and is free with each order.

We have just published four new pieces by Laura Sgroi- Shalom/ Zum Gali Gali for SATB and violin, Sudden Light for SATB with two soloists, Scarborough Fair/ House of the Rising Sun for SATB and violin and Y’varechecha, a traditional Hebrew Prayer for SATB and violin. The first and the third pieces, as the titles imply, combine the two pieces at some point in a clever and skillful fashion. Ideal for community choirs.

New composer! Renforth Music is delighted to publish Little Bells SATB, piano by a new-to-us composer, Nicholas Ryan Kelly. This is a fairly challenging number. It is a fine setting of thoughtful words by Walt Whitman.

Finally there is now a SATB with piano version of the popular How Far is it to Bethlehem by John Butler. Like the original SSA version, this is a quite charming piece suitable for a good church or community choir.
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